Past Events

Let’s reminisce on the fun that was Broadway Sessions

Want to find information about a previous Broadway Sessions event? Looking to see what went down when you couldn’t join the rest of your awesome mates? This is the place to do it! All of our previous event pages are saved below, along with all attached information. Some have even been updated to include information that was not present before the date of the event. Pretty cool huh? General media can be found in the gallery, but anything event-specific will be here.

April Session (6:30pm @ Norwood Live, Norwood Hotel)

It’s April already at Broadway Sessions, and to celebrate surviving our evil night of villainy and mischief, we’re letting our performers choose their own songs this month to lighten the mood. That’s right, April is an artists’ choice month at Broadway Sessions, and we’re excited to see what there is in store for our audience.... Read more »

March Session – Villains (6:30pm @ Norwood Live, Norwood Hotel)

The heroes of the stage always get the limelight, but we think it’s time to put a little focus on the underdog – the villains of the story. Tonight’s Session is all about the bad guys (and girls) of music theatre, with all songs coming from a character normally looked at as the villain. We... Read more »

Broadway Sessions Does Disney (6:30pm @ Norwood Live, Norwood Hotel)

That’s right, it’s back! After the packed house success of our first (and initially only) Disney night, we thought we’d bring it back, in a bumper Adelaide Fringe edition Come on and Be Our Guest as host and Disney addict Millicent Sarre helps to make Disney Part of Your World (for one night) with a Session dedicated to... Read more »

January Session (6:30pm @ Norwood Live, Norwood Hotel)

Kick off your New Year with a visit to Broadway Sessions HQ. This month is a performer’s choice month, meaning anything from a musical (or by a musical theatre writer) is fair game. The end of January means the end of holidays for many, and what better way to jump start your “real” year than... Read more »

December Session – New Year’s Eve Eve (6:30pm @ Norwood Live, Norwood Hotel)

It’s NEW YEAR’s EVE EVE! That’s right… we were hoping for a New Year’s Eve party, but apparently so were other people… so in true Broadway Sessions spirit, we’re making the most of it! Come along the night before the end of the year, and celebrate with us – Broadway Sessions style. Party hats required, noise... Read more »

November Session – JRB Night (6:30pm @ Norwood Live, Norwood Hotel)

Jason Robert Brown. A name that brings fear to the being of musical directors and pianists alike, but tears of joy to performers all over. Tonight, we dedicate our Session to Jason. Every song tonight must be written by Jason Robert Brown (JRB), but we’d still like a variety of works (as always). While a night... Read more »

October Session – #BroadwaySessionsWishlist (6:30pm @ Norwood Live, Norwood Hotel)

It’s back for another year! That’s right, #BroadwaySessionsWishlist from 2016 is back again, and we know it’s going to be even bigger than before! Get on to your favourite social media platform, use the hashtag #BroadwaySessionsWishlist, and suggest a song along with an artist who you would like to see perform that song. You don’t need... Read more »

September Session (6:30pm @ Norwood Live, Norwood Hotel)

Sassy September at Broadway Sessions is here. No, that’s not official, but it rolls off the tongue nicely. We’ve had a number of theme nights recently, so September’s Session is performer’s free choice – we’re all about the registrations this month, so jump in and get your song registrations recorded. Come along for a fun night of... Read more »

August Session – Our 2nd Birthday (6:30pm @ Norwood Live, Norwood Hotel)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (to us)! Wow, where has that time gone?! We’re now the big T-W-O, and we’re proud as punch to have made it this far as a cohesive ensemble of merry mad people. As with our birthday last year, we’re planning to celebrate, and celebrate hard. In fact bigger and bolder than last year!... Read more »

Broadway Sessions On Tour: Balaklava (4:00pm @ Balaklava Town Hall)

Broadway Sessions is going ‘On Tour’ and heading up to Balaklava. Balaklava Community Arts issued the call for us to bring our show to their community, and who were we to say no?! Located approximately 90km north of the centre of Adelaide, Balaklava is well known for its interest and support in the arts, and... Read more »

July Session – Disney (6:30pm @ Norwood Live, Norwood Hotel)

It’s a Whole New World for Broadway Sessions – that’s right, this month we’re inviting you to Be Our Guest while we make Disney Part of Your World with a Session dedicated to just that. Disney. Now, I Won’t Say (I’m In Love), but we think this one will really Go The Distance and complete the Circle of Life... Read more »

June Session – Role Reversal (6:30pm @ Norwood Live, Norwood Hotel)

Whhaaaaat? Role reversal? But, that’s the single-best-theme-night-ever! Yes it is, and it’s back again! Tonight is the night you can pick a song written for somebody completely different to you, whether that’s someone of a different gender, a different age, a significantly different background… the challenge is for you to justify why a song fits... Read more »

May Session – A Good Ol’ Fashioned Piano Party (6:30pm @ Norwood Live, Norwood Hotel)

Welcome to the Broadway Sessions living room. It’s time for a piano party, and you’re invited. Grab a chair as we gather around the piano (and stage) to join in a good ol’ fashion piano party. We’re taking it down a notch, with piano and some hand percussion – please keep this in mind when you register... Read more »

April Session (6:30pm @ Norwood Live, Norwood Hotel)

April already?! How did that happen… well, one thing that’s consistent is this. Broadway Sessions! As the year starts to speed up, we’re throwing it back to our performers who are free to nominate any song they like from the musical theatre genre. No themes tonight, just a month of good-ol-Broadway Sessions action. There will... Read more »

March Session – Rock Night (6:30pm @ Norwood Live, Norwood Hotel)

Dumm dumm tshhh… dumm dumm tshhh… Yeah, that’s a rock beat for you… and tonight’s Session is all about ROCK. All songs for tonight must be from a rock or rock-style musical, so we’re turning up the energy with our favourite guest guitarist Max Garcia-Underwood. Keep that in mind when you select songs, and make the... Read more »

February Session – Fringe 2017 (6:30pm @ Norwood Live, Norwood Hotel)

Fringe time = busy time! We know it… SO, to help you fit all those (other) shows in, February’s Session is moving to a quieter night of the week – Monday! It’s the same Broadway Sessions you know and love, but simply on a Monday night. Simple, right? This month features some of Adelaide’s favourite... Read more »

January Session (6:30pm @ Norwood Live, Norwood Hotel)

To kick off the new year, join us and our host, Lindsay Prodea, for a night of performer’s favourite songs – that’s right, it’s free choice time! In addition to the regular happenings of Broadway Sessions, there will be a special performance from the cast of Violet. If you are registering, please remember to suggest two songs so... Read more »

November Session – Broadway Sessions #wishlist (6:30pm @ Norwood Live, Norwood Hotel)

While Broadway Sessions is about performers getting up and singing a song that means something to them, or perhaps one they may not otherwise have an opportunity to sing, for November we decided to change it up a little. This month is all about singing songs our audience wants sung – a ‘Broadway Sessions Wishlist’ as... Read more »

October Session – Role Reversal (6:30pm @ Norwood Live, Norwood Hotel)

Although we’re normally quite keen on allowing anyone to sing anything (from the Musical Theatre genre, of course), October’s Session is all about singing something not normally appropriate for YOU on-stage. That is, for example, a leading man singing a leading lady’s song; an adult singing a child’s song; a child singing and adult’s song... Read more »

September Session – Unplugged (6:30pm @ Norwood Live, Norwood Hotel)

September sees Broadway Sessions takes a slightly different approach – a mid-week Session! That’s right, a Wednesday night! Take a break from the busy-ness of the week, grab a drink, sit down, relax and enjoy the same Broadway Sessions you know and love, but with a more chilled-out, or as we put it, “unplugged” feel.... Read more »

August Session – Our First Birthday! (6:30pm @ Norwood Live, Norwood Hotel)

Join us in August as Broadway Sessions celebrates their FIRST birthday! This will be a night you will not want to miss! Many more details to come, but we’ll be sure to be celebrating the big O-N-E in style! Doors open at 6pm and there are beverages (and food) available from the bar all night.... Read more »

July Session (6:30pm @ Nexus Arts, Lion Arts Centre)

Join us in July as Broadway Sessions regular, Kate Hodges, hosts a night of performer’s favourite songs – so much free choice happening here at Broadway Sessions! For your chance to perform, you can now register your interest. If you are registering, please remember to suggest two songs so we can choose a program of... Read more »

June Session – Adults Only (MA15+) (6:30pm @ Nexus Arts, Lion Arts Centre)

Normally we censor performed material for language and themes in the interest of keeping Broadway Sessions family friendly. Not this month – in the words of Cole Porter, Anything Goes! Join us on Sunday 26 June as David Gauci and special guest, Trekkie Monster, take us into the more risque side of of musical theatre... Read more »

May Session (6:30pm @ Nexus Arts, Lion Arts Centre)

Join us in May for a night of performer favourites (aka… drum roll… FREE CHOICE!) Please note the Session this month is the second to last Sunday in May due to venue upgrades! Performers can choose anything from the musical theatre genre to sing this month – although, as always, we’ll try and keep the... Read more »

April Session (6:30pm @ Nexus Arts, Lion Arts Centre)

Join us in April as Broadway Sessions regular, Lindsay Prodea, hosts a night of performer’s favourite songs – that’s right, it’s free choice time! In addition to the regular happenings of Broadway Sessions, there will be special performances from cast members of Sugar and Catch Me If You Can, both opening in the next month. If you... Read more »

March Session – May the Schwartz Be With You (6:30pm @ Nexus Arts, Lion Arts Centre)

There are composers and lyricists out there who have an impressive resume of shows they’ve written; although some shows they’ve written are better known than others. This month we will be exploring the music of one very well known writer, and definitely one of our favourites. Shows include Children of Eden, The Baker’s Wife, Rags,... Read more »

February Session #2 – Sing-a-long Broadway (6:30pm @ The Jade Monkey)

February in Adelaide means Festival time and we just had to join in the fun. Since we couldn’t possibly fit everything into one night we have added an extra Session. That’s right. TWO BROADWAY SESSIONS. It’s Christmas all over again! Join us on the 28th of February for our very first sing-a-long, Broadway style, where the audience... Read more »

February Session #1 – The Best of Broadway Sessions (6:30pm @ The Jade Monkey)

February in Adelaide means Festival time and we just had to join in the fun. Since we couldn’t possibly fit everything into one night we have added an extra Session. That’s right. TWO BROADWAY SESSIONS. It’s Christmas all over again! Join us on the 14th of February as we revisit some of our favourite performances... Read more »

January Session – Seasons of Love (6:30pm @ The Jade Monkey)

In the lead up to Valentines Day we will be exploring the different types of love songs in theatre – songs of romantic love, one-night-stand love, unrequited love, lost love, stalker love – you get the idea! Here’s your opportunity to share your favourite theatre love song, maybe to the one you love? The Broadway Sessions band... Read more »

December Session (6:30pm @ The Jade Monkey)

We don’t know about you, but for us the weeks in leading up to Christmas are pretty full on and busy (busy) busy! Work Christmas parties, drinks for this, drinks for that, family catch-ups, last minute Christmas shopping, final auditions for performing arts schools, Carols by Candlelight and so on… And of course then there’s... Read more »

November Session – It Takes Two (or more) (6:30pm @ The Jade Monkey)

Our November Session sees in our second themed night, It Takes Two (or More). Duets and trios, this is your calling! All of our songs this month will be performed by more than one person – the number is up to you, but we’d recommend two or three as a safe bet. This could be a... Read more »

October Session – Gender Swap (6:30pm @ The Jade Monkey)

October Session means the very first of our themed nights – Gender Swap! That’s right! Gender swap! To take part you will need to sing a song that is normally performed by someone of another gender. This is going to be a fun one, and will be a great opportunity to get to sing a song that is... Read more »

September Session – All about YOU (7:30pm @ The Adelaide Inn)

For our second session we have decided to do something very special. The September Session will include performances from the stars of musicals opening over the next month (Evita, Guys & Dolls, BIG, Fame, and Bugsy Malone), but all other performance slots will be in the open mic format. That’s double the opportunity to get up and sing... Read more »

Opening Night (6:30pm @ The Jade Monkey)

This is it… the very first of the Broadway Sessions! We’re kicking off with a bang at The Jade Monkey, 6:30pm, Sunday August 30. There are a host of invited guests to get us started, plus the opportunity for you to get up and sing with the Broadway Sessions Band. That’s right, a live band!... Read more »