What’s On?

How soon can I get to Broadway Sessions?

We’re glad you asked. The upcoming Broadway Sessions are listed below, and you’re welcome to come to any/all of them! Each one has full details hidden deep within, so make sure you click through and find out all the fine points so you’re not left in the dark.

November Session – Let’s Feast! (6:30pm @ Norwood Live, Norwood Hotel)

November is festival time in Adelaide again: Feast Festival! Therefore, we at Broadway Sessions felt this was a great time of year to celebrate the LGBTQI+ community. Can you think better way of doing this than with a night of Broadway tunes? Though honestly, there’s no better way to celebrate literally anything than with a... Read more »

December Sessions – New Year’s Eve (Eve (Eve)) (6:30pm @ Norwood Live, Norwood Hotel)

So you know how there’s New Years Eve (soo overhyped, amiright?) and then we popularised the concept of New Years Eve Eve? Well this year, we are going one step further, trailblazers that we are, and holding New Years Eve Eve EVE! NYEEE (say it fast and it sounds like you’re squealing with delight) has... Read more »

Broadway Sessions Fringe – Miscast (6:30pm @ Norwood Live, Norwood Hotel)

So! You’re a performer! A pretty amazing one at that, right? A triple threat with a killer range that can do anything we throw at you. Well. Almost anything. There’s that one sore spot. That one role you’ve coveted your whole life… If you know in your heart of hearts that you would walk into an... Read more »