Get them while you can!

Tickets are available in two ways: either by pre-purchasing online (and securing your chance to get to Broadway Sessions), or by risking it all and purchasing tickets at the door (on the night, subject to availability). Regardless of the method you choose, tickets range from $15 to $20. This fee helps cover costs to enable Broadway Sessions to happen – venue hire fees, licensing fees, ensuring the band keeps returning in tip-top shape… you get the drift.

Tickets purchased at the door can be paid for with cash or card, and online pre-purchased tickets can be paid for using your credit card only. However, there are only a limited number of seats available! If you register for a particular Session and are confirmed by the team, your ticket is already allocated (and included) – there’s no need to purchase one for yourself! (Your friends and family, however, should lock them in ahead of time, and as soon as possible to avoid missing out)

Want to make sure you get in?

Pre-purchasing is the way to go. Use the link below to make sure you’re all locked in! Pre-purchased ticket holders will be given priority at the door, and these fun-loving Broadway Sessions fans will be allowed into the venue ahead of any door sales on the night. Any remaining spots, depending on pre-sale quantities, will be available at the door – but these door tickets are not guaranteed, and will be open to sales provided the room is not already at capacity. Don’t risk it, and get your tickets today!

Venue Tickets

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Tickets for Streaming Sessions

  • As we are presenting Broadway Sessions in its normal format, just remotely, we still have major costs to cover including streaming licensing, venue hire, technical staff, and musicians.

To view the streamed Session, you will need to purchase a ticket AND be logged in to our website.

  • If you have previously performed at Broadway Sessions you can use your normal login.
  • If you’ve only been in the audience, and never performed, hop on through our quick registration process and get yourself set up with an account.
  • Links to login and register are at the bottom of this page.

Once you are logged in:

  • Come on back to this page and select one of the ticket options below
    • We have reduced the price of all single tickets to our usual concession rate ($18)
    • Please purchase the ticket that corresponds to the number of people viewing the live stream
  • Enter your credit card details to complete your purchase
  • Once you’re done, jump on over to the current Session page (click here), and you should now see a fancy “Livestream” section
  • Enjoy!

Please note:

  • Unfortunately, due to licensing restrictions, this livestream will only be accessible in Australia and tickets can only be purchased by using an Australian credit card.
  • Tickets are only available for the current streaming Session.
  • Tickets purchased now are only valid for this month’s Session and can only be used at the time of broadcast.
  • No replay features will be made available due to licensing restrictions, and capturing, storing or sharing this feed is a breach of these conditions.
  • You may only view this stream on one device per account, at a time (however using technologies such as AirPlay are OK).
  • If you need to watch in multiple locations, you will need separate accounts and tickets for each location.

Streaming Tickets for Sunday 28 February, 2021

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