Registrations 2.0

26 Monday June 2017

We’re now half-way through 2017 (yikes), but with the passing of time comes exciting new things at Broadway Sessions. We are changing the way that you register for upcoming Sessions – not by much, but enough that we hope it will streamline your Broadway Sessions experience. The changes are broken down into a number of sections, following the way in which you might interact with the new registration system.

Logging In

To register you now have to log in to the Broadway Sessions website. It’s easy, we promise. But first, take a step back and see which path to follow:

If you’ve ever registered for Broadway Sessions (at all) in the past, regardless of whether you’ve performed…

…you already have an account! Simply use your email address (this may be an old one, depending on whether it’s been a while since you last registered) to log in and reset your password. Use the ‘lost password‘ link on the login, and set your password to something useful, but secure. If you’ve changed email addresses, or are having difficulties, just get in touch with us – it’s easy for us to help resolve issues. Once you’ve got that password reset (required first time only), it’s time to login. You can easily access this link from the main ‘Register‘ page, found in the top menu.

If you’ve never (ever) registered, or been here before…

…it’s time to create an account. You can do that here, and then follow the next steps once you’re signed up and logged in. If you can’t remember your email (from above), or you’re having troubles, you can always create a new account (with a new email) and we’ll help you sort out the duplicates later. Again, please just get in touch if we can help.

Your Dashboard (My Details)

Once logged in (using that link found on the Register page) you will be presented with your artist dashboard. From here, you can manage your artist profile, update your bio and headshot (at any stage), and register for an upcoming Session. If you’ve been here before, you should already see an artist profile listed – if you’re new, jump through and press ‘Create New Performer’ to get started. You’ll only need to do this once – before you register to perform for the first time – and only if you’ve never been here before.

Registering for a Session

Setting up an artist profile (or having one) does not automatically register you for an upcoming Session. You will still need to submit a registration for each Session so that we know you’re interested. Simply click on your name (sitting inside a black box) on the main dashboard page (use the link on the main Register page), once you’ve created an artist profile. This will allow you to either register for a new Session, update your headshot and biography, or both.

Your previous registrations will now be saved, and for each new registration you make your old biography and headshot information will be brought across automatically. This will help to save time, and streamline the update process if/when you need to make changes to this information.

The questions that form part of the registration process are still the same, and we ask that you provide two song choices to help us find that perfect mix of performers and songs. Please take note of the registration close date and time, as you must complete the registration process before this date/time (not just start).

Please note: you will no longer receive an email confirmation of your registration – you can now view this by visiting the My Details page (your dashboard), and scrolling right to the bottom. If it’s for an upcoming Session, you should see that it is ‘pending’. Previous Sessions will be visible too, listing what you sang and whether or not you performed. While we haven’t added in all previous Sessions yet, we’ll be doing this over time to ensure that each performer has a complete record of their involvement! This area will also update when we release the final performer list for each month – if you’re having troubles with your email, you can always log in to check your status at any point.

Updating Your Biography and Headshot

This can now be done at any stage, even when Session registrations are not open. To make changes, simply login, and then find your name on the main My Details page. Clicking on your name, like you would to register, will allow you to select either a New Registration, or Bio/Headshot Update Only. The New Registration button will only be available when registrations are open, however.

Any updates made to your biography and headshot will not be visible on the website immediately, however. The Broadway Sessions team must review all changes first – so don’t be worried if your update doesn’t show up right away.

Changes To Your Email Address/Contact Number

While you can change many of your details as part of the registration process, updating your email address is not one that you can do automatically. This is due to a link between your website login, and your artist profile/registration history. If you need to update your email address or contact number at any point, please just reach out to the Broadway Sessions team to get this changed.

Performing With Other People

We often get registrations from groups of people, who would like to sing a duet (or something bigger). While we always encourage this, we ask that each person in the performance registers separately, and simply makes a note in the song comments box (part of the Session registration) to notify us that they will be singing with another artist. Any artist profiles that are created with multiple names (as a single entity) will be removed as this messes up our record-keeping efforts. Because of the flexibility of our new registration system, it would be possible for a single user to create artist profiles for each person in the performance – however we would prefer, if possible, that each artist has their own account on the website to better allow them, in the future, to register themselves should they want to perform alone.

Having Troubles?

Don’t fret. We’ll give you a hand. Just reach out using the contact form and we’ll do our best to assist. In addition, if you have any questions or suggestions about the new process, please let us know.