Session Cancellations

18 Wednesday March 2020

The Broadway Sessions team are very sad to announce that both with the new government regulations on mass gatherings, and with our own personal concerns for the wellbeing of performers, audience, and staff alike, this month’s session (Performer’s Choice) on March 29th has been cancelled. The Australian Federal Government has now prohibited indoor gatherings of over 100 people, and as we normally attract well in excess of this number we are put in a position where, as much as we were hoping to provide some light in the dark, do not feel that it is in anyone’s best interest to go against this advice. In addition, our venue would not adequately provide the recommended 1.5m social distancing allowance for all our guests, even without this updated direction from the government.

We have said many times that Broadway Sessions is a celebration of community. This community is where many of us have found a home and a stronger sense of who we are and where we belong. People from all walks of life are welcomed into this community, and we celebrate you all. There are members of this community who are particularly vulnerable right now. They may be vulnerable because they are elderly or are immune compromised, or they may be vulnerable because their livelihoods have been put on hold, and they don’t know how they will make ends meet for the months that it will take for recovery to begin. We implore you, if you can, please think of these people. Listen to the advice of medical professionals and do your part to help slow the spread. Reach out to the lonely, the struggling, the anxious, and give them someone they can talk to. If you have the means and are able, help to do someone’s shopping. Provide a meal for an artist. Share resources and take only what you need.

Here at Broadway Sessions, we are investigating what options may be available to us should a ban on events greater than 100 people continue for an extended period. We have every intention to continue providing performance opportunities for new, up-and-coming, and seasoned artists throughout this period, and will be back, in the flesh (and at full strength), as soon as we are advised it is safe to do so.

Our hearts are with all of you and we hope very much that we can see you all soon. With all our love,

Team BSesh.

P.S If you purchased a ticket to this month’s Session, a refund will be processed in the next 48 hours.