So… you want to sing at Broadway Sessions?

Thanks for expressing an interest in performing at Broadway Sessions. With only a two-hour program, we are unfortunately limited in the number of performers we can take each month. However, those who miss out one month will be given preference in later months, so everyone can have their moment. Registrations will open approximately four weeks before the next session. If registrations for the next session aren’t open yet, please check back regularly!

Applications for Sunday 23 February, 2020 close at 11:55pm on Sunday 9 February, 2020. If you are selected to sing you will be notified at around 10:00pm on Wednesday 12 February, 2020.

We ask that you give us two song options so we can ensure it is a varied program; we don’t want to have someone singing the same song as you! Broadway Sessions songs must be from a published musical or by a musical theatre writer. If you register and sing at a Session, your entry to the venue is completely free – it’s our way of thanking you for joining us!

Our Next Session: Sunday 23 February, 2020

Broadway Sessions Fringe – Miscast
So! You’re a performer! A pretty amazing one at that, right? A triple threat with a killer range that can do anything we throw at you. Well. Almost anything. There’s that one sore spot. That one role you’ve coveted your whole life... If you know in your heart of hearts that you would walk into an audition room and blow the socks off that panel with your rendition of ‘Tomorrow’, if only you weren’t a hairy 6ft7 man with sleeve tats from Glasgow, then Broadway Sessions - Miscast is for you! This month we are giving you, yes YOU, the opportunity to play that part you’ve always wanted to play but are so completely, entirely, unbelievably, wrong for. This is your CHANCE to finally break free from the suffocating limitations of casting briefs and transcend all expectations. All you have to do is register your song choice and get ready to send shockwaves through the musical theatre world. How would the story change? What new perspective or understandings will arise? It’s a super fun evening where dreams come true!   Doors open at 5:45pm. Food and beverages are available from the bar. Pre-purchase single tickets and tables from Adelaide Fringe to secure your spot. Any remaining tickets will be available at the door. For your chance to perform, visit our registration page and submit two song options (from a musical or by an established music theatre writer) to express your interest. Registrations open on Thursday 28 November and close on Sunday 9 February.

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