So… you want to sing at Broadway Sessions?

Thanks for expressing an interest in performing at Broadway Sessions. With only a two-hour program, we are unfortunately limited in the number of performers we can take each month. However, those who miss out one month will be given preference in later months, so everyone can have their moment. Registrations will open approximately four weeks before the next session. If registrations for the next session aren’t open yet, please check back regularly!

Applications for Sunday 28 August, 2022 close at 11:55pm on Monday 15 August, 2022. If you are selected to sing you will be notified at around 10:00pm on Thursday 18 August, 2022.

We ask that you give us two song options so we can ensure it is a varied program; we don’t want to have someone singing the same song as you! Broadway Sessions songs must be from a published musical or by a musical theatre writer. If you register and sing at a Session, your entry to the venue is completely free – it’s our way of thanking you for joining us!

Our Next Session Open for Registrations: Sunday 28 August, 2022

August Session: Our 7th Birthday
SEVEN! We.Are.Seven! What's so special about seven you ask? Many consider it to be a lucky number and it the basis for many myths and folklore. There are the Seven Wonders of the World. The seven dwarfs. Seven days in a week. Seven colors in the rainbow. There are seven swans a-swimming. Seven letters in the a musical alphabet. Seven deadly sins. The list goes on. Also, seven is considered by some to be the most 'prime' number within the first 10 numbers as you cannot multiply it within the group, making it a kind of optimal-prime (not to be confused with Optimus Prime, of course...) For us? We just consider it lucky that we get to still get together on the last Sunday of every month (well, most months these days) and be entertained with songs from the music theatre catalogue. And isn't that a good enough reason to celebrate seven years of this community? Being a birthday, you can bet this month's Session will also be jam-packed with fun times... and cake! This month's Session also includes a promo from NLTC's upcoming production of Jersey Boys, and The G&S Society's production of Into The Woods.

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