And that’s a wrap! It’s on to September.

03 Thursday September 2015

Our opening night went off with a bang – with an amazing turn out and some truly talented performers. We’ve rounded up the best of the photos, and found them a happy home on the Gallery page – jump in and check them out, pronto!

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to: all of our performers for putting themselves out there and being the first to take a risk on a brand new performance opportunity; everyone who came to support, cheer on, and enjoy a night of musical theatre performances; the band who accompanied each song with no rehearsal time; our support crew without who you wouldn’t have seen or heard anything; Mark Oates for hosting us so wonderfully.

Here at Broadway Sessions headquaters we are ever so grateful and humbled by the positive reaction, support, and encouragement of members of the Adelaide theatre community, and are incredibly excited to see where this project ends up in a year (or more) from now.

But for now, ticket sales and registrations for September’s Session are now open! We will let you know the venue very soon!