Livestream Tips and Tricks

Help Me!

Need some help getting your livestream looking great? You’ve come to the right place. Here are a few things that might help.

Where can I find the Livestream?
Once you’ve purchased a ticket, the video will appear on the Session page for this month. If it doesn’t, try reloading the page. If nothing still, just try logging out and back in (sometimes it gets cached and saved on your computer and doesn’t update automatically).

Use the device you want to watch on
This one may seem simple, but you can only be logged in on a single device at once. Make sure that you don’t log in on another device, because the last device to log in will take priority and disable the stream on your previously connected device.

Ways to connect to a TV
Here are some suggestions on ways you might want to connect your device to a TV screen. These mainly assume you are on a laptop or desktop computer, but mobile devices are sometimes possible too depending on what you have at home.

Use a HDMI Cable
Connect a HDMI cable directly from your computer, laptop or mobile device (if applicable) and setup your TV as a secondary or mirrored display. This way, you’ll be able to get audio and video using the one cable to the big screen.

Use AirPlay (Apple Devices Only)
Most recent Apple devices will allow you to use the AirPlay function to send video to a compatible smart TV, or Apple TV device. If this is useful to you, make sure that you open our Session page using Safari. This is crucial, as you cannot use the AirPlay technology with another browser (such as Firefox, Chrome or some less-known alternative). AirPlay is Apple only, so use Safari and you should be set. In the bottom-right corner of the video player, you should see an icon like the one pictured below. Press this, then select your AirPlay device. Easy!

Cast Using Google Chrome
As above, Google Chrome requires that you use the Google Chrome browser. You cannot cast or use a Chrome Cast from Safari, Firefox, or another non-Google browser. This is the first step! Once you’ve nailed this step, jump in, load the page and the video, and click on the Cast button in the bottom-right corner of your video player. Select an applicable cast destination (such as a Chromecast, or compatible smart TV), and you should be set!

Use your Smart TV’s Own Web Browser
While this is definitely possible, and may work, it can be tricky to navigate as the in-built browser is often a very poorly designed piece of software. Regardless, try loading up the Broadway Sessions website, navigate to the Session page, and press on the play button. It might work for you, but take note that performance will be limited in many cases and you may have a less-than-ideal experience.

The Stream Keeps Buffering… Help!
First, just try reloading the page. This is annoying, yes, but it often helps if your browser or device is struggling to keep up, or the audio/video loses sync. If this doesn’t help, read on and try some of these tips:

In this case, your internet connection may not be fast enough, or you may just be struggling to keep a steady download speed. Although our player tries to select the most appropriate video stream for you, sometimes you need to show it some personal preferences. Jump in to the player and click on the cog-wheel in the bottom right corner. Click Automatic (if selected), and then it will present you with all the available stream options. Choose the most appropriate, or start from the top and work your way down until it plays nicely. Be warned though – if you set a manual quality, it won’t improve automatically if your connection speeds up. Often Automatic is the right way to go.

Still having issues?
Get in touch with us and let us know what’s going on. We’ll try and do our best to resolve it for you, if it’s something at our end! You can reach us at [email protected].