Broadway Sessions: Backstage

06 Tuesday September 2016

What a huge first year we’ve had! (…and a heck of a lot of fun: for us, our performers, and our fans!)

  • 12 wonderful months
  • 13 “regular” sessions, plus a Broadway sing-a-long at a nursing home during the Adelaide Fringe 2016
  • 11 amazing hosts
  • 141 incredible performers
  • …and approximately 355 songs of all tempos.

Did you know though: each session takes the team around 40 hours to pull together; and that’s before we get to the venue to set up! We are incredibly grateful for the time that our whole team gives us, month after month. A big thanks, firstly, to you guys and girls – none of this would be possible without your passion and enthusiasm.

It was very important to us when we launched Broadway Sessions that it was accessible and financially viable for any audience member wanting to come every, or at least most, months (if they could). As producers, the last 12 months has been a project of love for us. The band and tech team are paid, but definitely not what they deserve for the work and time they put in (and for how incredibly talented they all are). As with everything in life, costs are increasing, and so to ensure we can continue to bring you a quality night every month we’ve realised we need to increase the entry price, just a teeny tiny bit… to $15. Of course, when you perform at Broadway Sessions you will continue to have free entry!

We also want to let you know, for those who weren’t able to join us for our first birthday, that we have a new home! That’s right, and swanky new place we call “Norwood Live”. It’s also known as The Norwood, or the Osmond Terrace Function Centre – part of the Norwood Hotel on the corner of Osmond Terrace and The Parade, Norwood. It’s real easy to find, and there’s plenty of parking in and around the venue. In addition, while there are bar snacks available all night, you can also order a FULL meal and have it delivered to your table inside the venue once the doors open. Just jump into the main restaurant section of the Norwood Hotel before the doors open (and let them know you’re here for Broadway Sessions), or at the venue bar once the audience is inside! For even more details, check out one of the upcoming Session pages for all the info.

If you have any questions, queries or suggestions, please just get in touch with us at any stage. We’re here, we’re open, and we’re happy to talk. It’s you, our supporters, that make Broadway Sessions a reality and a possibility, so we don’t want to do this without you. The Adelaide (and wider South Australian) support team we’ve amassed over the last twelve months has been incredible, and no doubt it’s only going to get better and better from here.

We look forward to seeing this event continue to grow over the next twelve months, and thank you for your continued support – whether off stage or on!

Peter and Scott