Themes, themes, nothing but themes!

22 Tuesday September 2015

Well hello there Broadway Sessions fan! We have some exciting news to share with you, and we think it’s going to pretty much be the best thing you’ll hear all week – unless of course you came to our first Broadway Sessions, in which case it will be old news. The next two months (October and November) are both themed nights at Broadway Sessions, and we want you to be involved. Here’s a little run down of what we’re looking for!

October: Gender Swap

That’s right! Gender swap! No, you don’t need to go and get a sex change (although, that’s commitment!) – but you will need to sing a song that is normally performed by someone of the opposite gender. This is going to be a fun one, and will be a great opportunity to get to sing a song that is normally taboo (at least in a proper performance sense). You likely already have at least a song in your repertoire that belongs to the opposite gender, and this is your chance to share it with the world!

November: It Takes Two (or more)

Duets and trios, this is your calling! All of our songs this month will be performed by more than one person – the number is up to you, but we’d recommend two or three as a safe bet. This could be a fun occasion to get some friends involved, or just to sing something that simply can’t be achieved with only one voice. Pick a great song, choose your friends wisely, and jump in to Broadway Sessions (supersized)!

It’s going to be great fun, and we’d love to have you involved! If you’re interested, start picking your performances pieces and get ready to register as soon as it becomes available (after the current Session). Not a fan of being the centre of attention? That’s no problem – grab a ticket, a glass of your favourite beverage, and come along to enjoy a great night of live entertainment.

Stay tuned for further updates, and we hope to see you there at one of our Broadway Sessions!